Drupal admin articles

This function takes any string and converts it into an ASCII encoded character. I wrote this function recently to help prevent email harvesting spambots from collecting email addresses from a client's site.

Do you give out the Administer Users permission on your Drupal websites? Did you know it's just as dangerous as Administer Permissions, as dangerous as giving access to User 1?

Imagine: you're about to go live. The client calls up, he wants to create users for everyone in the office. Even though the client is not a 100% trusted user (since no-one is), there is an easy solution for this: Administer Users.

Indeed, unless you implement some contributed modules, this is THE solution provided by Drupal core... Wait, read on!

Every development house and their dogs seem to have a 'TOP 10 DRUPAL MODULES - Absolute definitive version!!' blog post somewhere at the minute, and they all tend to be fairly similar - 'Views, CCK, Image' etc...

We have decided to go a different route, and do our own summary of drupal modules (and combinations) that we use all the time, which you may not have used before.