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Earlier this year, Em Space implemented Drupal for the Beta version of the Compass website for the Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI).

This is a brief wrap-up of the site (not a lengthy case-study), plus some feedback about the positive role that Lullabot played in the project.

Em Space can now be booked to come to your office anywhere in Australia and train your team in Drupal. We provide the following equipment:

  • A server that provides the training/development environment
  • Ad hoc wireless/wired network
  • Optionally, setting up your website on the server
  • Projector
  • (For up to 2 trainees without laptops,) netbooks pre-configured with the tools you'll need to learn Drupal development
  • One complimentary Drupal book for every trainee

DATELINE: 10:30 16:05:09 Melbourne, Australia, The World. The air is redolent with the scent of warming brain cells, zinging silently as they carve out new paths inside some of the finest Drupal brains in the country...

As a part of our rebranding, Ok Interupt's mad genius Michael Bojkowski came up with the Em Cube, a nifty little design device that encapsulated our desire to provide the space for our client's imagination to soar.

We went to the signwriter and the Em Cube came back as six Em Squares, but... that's ok! We took them on a little photographic excursion yesterday and they scrubbed up a treat. "C'mon Orange, give me a smile darlin', that's it baby, work it, work it!..."

Described as the Mothership of all Australian policy information, Australian Policy Online came to us from our success with the creative economy policy site CCI.

There are currently 6,000 policy and research papers in the APO database, and the new architecture bringing them into ten categories and 100 sub-categories, making it a whole lot easier to drill down to your areas of interest.

Stev Fioretti of Comic Characters is a clown. A very good one. I booked him for my son's Mr Men party, and he had the kids mesmerised. I don't know what Roger Hargreaves would have thought of his rather naughty character Mr Poopy Pants, but the kids thought he was hysterical.

Over the years, Stev has built up one of the best known clown agency's in Melbourne, with no thanks to his website. His fun branding, his canny print advertising and the quality of his service was making Stev successful.

Em Space, in conjunction with the Beaumaris Bendigo Bank, has soft-launched the Beaumaris Community.

We're really pleased with the result. A great example of a news-driven listings site, we think the Bank got it right by emphasising great content, building loyalty, and providing advertising opportunities, in that order.

Bendigo Bank has a commitment to community that goes beyond their advertising. Em Space learnt this when we took on the Beaumaris Community site, which is funded by the Beaumaris branch of the Bendigo Bank.

When Lullabot came to Australia last year to do training in Melbourne, we had a good smattering of corporate attendance. On one table we had a developer from the ABC, THE public broadcaster in Australia, sitting next to a developer from Fairfax, which controls much of the corporate media here. It was quite exciting to consider that the biggest media organizations were exploring Drupal internally.

Today Leigh Morresi alerted me to the technology website of SMH - sure enough it's running Drupal 6! This is a really good sign, and goes along with a general increase in Drupal noise in more than a few sectors down-under.

The most decadent way to indulge your nerd parts!

It's been pretty hectic the last couple of months, but definitely in a good way! And finally we've got a blog site to tell you all about it in a rapture inducing spray of text.