Drupal Training & Consulting

Em Space can provide training and consultation services which are customised to your needs.

We have trained a number of organisations - each client having different requirements, different resources a range of students with different levels of experience.

Some recent events:

Charles Darwin University: Nick Santamaria visited Darwin for three days in November 2009. He provided various levels of training, as well as consulting on different aspects of what Drupal could offer the University.

PM's Cabinet: Simon Hobbs visited Canberra in September 2009 as a guest of OPC IT. Over four days he provided Drupal development and administration training to the team who manage pm.gov.au.

Our development training focuses on exploring key features of the Drupal application-programming interface (API). While it is impossible to cover all areas in a short course, our goal is to reveal the patterns that mark the "Drupal way" of web site development, so the student is comfortable exploring further.

For designers on our goal is to de-mystify Drupal's templating system, otherwise known as theming. We've noticed that a lot of designers have mastered the art of templating with simpler tools like Wordpress. We'll help you to go further and see what you can really achieve with Drupal.