Hosting & Support


Em Space can recommend a number of hosting providers who specialise in Drupal hosting.

The key services to look for in any hosting company are:

  • Server maintenance and updates
  • Emergency response service
  • Drupal module security updates

In some cases, Em Space will assess your project and offer you a hosting quote.

The types of hosting we may quote for are:

  • Simple, low traffic sites where we can offer you a considerable cost saving but avoid complex response time agreements.
  • Projects requiring ongoing development, where managing resources ourselves will make development more efficient.
  • Situations where you would like Em Space to be the primary contact for all aspects of the project, and where the project is well enough funded for hosting to be outsourced.


Our goal for any website project is to leverage the power of Drupal and to give our clients as much control as possible.

As part of the planning phase we will help you identify administrators, designers and developers within your organisation who would be capable of managing different aspects of your website.

In the best-case scenario, most of your site maintenance can be done by you. Em Space can provide a ticketing system for miscellaneous changes, fixes and training. We generally provide this service at an hourly consulting rate, and usually our services are required less and less over the first few months.

If you require an ongoing maintenance contract, we can help you identify a suitable company to provide these services.

Email and Domains

If you require Email hosting, we recommend Google Domains. We often help our clients by setting up Google Domains and other similar products like Google Analytics.

We are usually able to help you with domain registration and DNS. We manage DNS for a number of clients, even for websites that we do not manage.