What is Drupal?

Here's a very simple explanation of what Drupal is. If you want the technical low-down, please visit Drupal.org.

A website lives on a web server - a computer that sends information across the internet. Some websites are very basic, just a few files, everyone sees the same thing. Other websites are much more complex, saving and combining data and basically sending different content for every user.

Drupal is the latter. It's a highly customizable system that lets you control your own website.

What is your goal?

Many people come to us with a huge list of requirements for their Drupal website. This won't give you the best outcome.

The key to success is to have a clear idea of what your goal is. Perhaps you are trying to market a new product, or you need to get your team collaborating online.

Our expertise is to help you effectively meet your goals, and within your budget. We then take the parts we need from the Drupal warehouse and put together your ultimate website.

Is Drupal a good choice?

Drupal is fast becoming the choice of tools for smart websites.

You can view a great list of big name web sites using Drupal.Amnesty International, AOL, Barrack Obama's team, FedEx, Novell, Michael Jackson, MTV, NATO, Oxfam, Playstation, SONY,United Nations, Universal Music, Virgin to Warner Bros, the list goes on!

And of course this website, emspace.com.au, is running on Drupal. We manage and edit the pages with a few mouse clicks, and much more!