Publicity Works

Publicity Works have been around, if you know what I mean. In the young and perky world of design and marketing, Publicity Works is the mature and knowing diva - beautiful, worldly and very very good at what she does.

When Em Space joined up with Pub Works in 2006, we gained a whole wealth of wisdom, as well as some excellent new friends.

We've experimented a little, but here is how it works for us now - Pub Works takes their clients through the specification process, signing off on the visual design and the functional requirements.

They are handed over to Em Space, where we get cracking creating a fantastic system behind a pixel-perfect design. Publicity Works tests the site out, logging issues in our support system until everyone is happy with the result. Then Publicity Works presents the client with the final website.

The result is always a premium website in every way - from the wireframes, through to design, through testing and going live. We *heart* Pub Works. Pub Works 4 eva!