Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet uses Drupal, a content management system that is Open Source

In 2008, Lonely Planet embarked on a major project to replace its internal content management system.

Up until recently, Lonely Planet was exposing only a fraction of its guidebook content to the internet, and their other publications like city guides and activity guides didn't get a look in.

It took a massive change of mindset to decide to expose as much content as possible to the web. But this was nothing compared to building a system which was capable of storing and delivering this content to the front end websites.

Em Space's involvement with Lonely Planet began in the initial prototype stage. Em Space's goal was to convince the business folk that, regardless of the sheer scale of the task, there was at least one system out there that could handle it. The initial Drupal prototype project was completed by Em Space over a handful of weeks.

The primary goal was attained, and as added bonus for Em Space, the prototype went on to become the Lonely Planet mobile site (obviously designed for your mobile).

Then the main project kicked off in a room the size of an airplane hanger. Em Space continued to provide consulting and staff resources right until they hit the switch late last year.

Lonely Planet is a great work environment with an attitude to life that compliments Drupal, Open Source and Em Space - we hope to see more and more of Drupal at Lonely Planet!

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet