Australian Policy Online

Australian Policy Online

The mothership of Australian policy information and research, Swinburne University manages some 17,000 research articles; and growing.

Here are some challenges presented by the APO project:

  • A huge database of content which needed seamless migration from the old propriety CMS.
  • A complex data architecture which needed to make sense for everyone using the site; the editors, the developers, and the general viewing public.
  • A huge amount of 'views' to create the lists around the site.
  • A complex searching system to drill down to the finest details of any piece content.
  • A subscriber database of over 13,000 where user's could choose what categories of content to be notified of.
  • A paid 'classifieds' area, where user's submitted their own ads, but would have to complete the payment process before the ad was publicly viewable.

And adding over 50,000 (and growing) unique visits per month to the site into the mix, all this needed to be as efficient as possible to avoid a catastrophic server meltdown!

Australian Policy Online has now been running on Drupal for over 6 months, and their web traffic has increased 30% since this time last year - a great deal of which we attribute to Drupal's SEO capabilities.

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