Bendigo Bank Beaumaris Community Site

Em Space, in conjunction with the Beaumaris Bendigo Bank, has soft-launched the Beaumaris Community.

We're really pleased with the result. A great example of a news-driven listings site, we think the Bank got it right by emphasising great content, building loyalty, and providing advertising opportunities, in that order.

Bendigo Bank has a commitment to community that goes beyond their advertising. Em Space learnt this when we took on the Beaumaris Community site, which is funded by the Beaumaris branch of the Bendigo Bank.

It was obvious from the start this was not going to be just an elaborate advertisement for Bendigo Bank. The board was determined to ensure that this would be a useful community site full of tasty vignettes and relevant community information. The site also wanted to provide a service to local businesses in the area by listing and promoting businesses.

The design needed to incorporate to a familial aesthetic link to the Bank, so we chose the Bank's maroon and gold, and married it with a beachy scene from the Beaumaris's tourist destination Rickett's Point.

The board's quarterly community newsletter was a treasure trove of community information and articles, so we aimed to show off this material on the front page in a simplified newspaper format with a lead story, a lead photo, and teasers to the last couple of articles.
The business listings were also a drawcard, so the second nav menu was made into a feature to make it easy and pleasing to access the information.

Using the Drupal CMS, we were confident that with a small amount of training even the most technophobic board member could easily update information, which is a major concern with these community sites. Content is gold, and even more so on community sites. A slightly aging story on the front page puts doubt in the reader, and they aren't likely to trust the listings.