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Biohazardous waste is a reasonably unsexy topic; but the web design created by Publicity Works does much to dispel that idea.

Some of Sterihealth's more remarkable features include a glossary, a staff login, gooshy jQuery animated dropdowns in the FAQ section, easy-to-update tables of information including pictures of stock, members login and lots lots more.

This is not just a pretty site. With a world class graphing feature charting the highs and lows of your super contributions, this sassy site also contains...

  • separate members and employers administration areas,
  • allows for full html newsletters,
  • uploads of pdfs,
  • preformatted email applications,
  • well as a host of other easy-to-use features.

It all adds up to a site that is working for REI Super, and not against them (and don't we all know that feeling??).

Melbourne Worker's Theatre

Very groovy, this mix of Flash with the powerful Drupal backend was designed by the extraordinary designery talents at Publicity Works and developed by yours truly.

This is a great example of how Em Space can work collaboratively with designers - they let their imagination run riot, we make it work!

Newsletters, videos, pix and other bright and shiny stuff make it easy for the creative souls at MWT to broadcast their theatrical wares loud and clear.

There are plenty of blog posts out on the interwebs detailing this topic, but after having to sidestep 3 different tutorials and delve deep into the osx86 forums a few times to get my hack mini to where it is now... Lets just say I'll be happy if this saves just one person the frustration and mental anguish I have experienced the last few days.

If you don't want to waste 60 seconds and get right to the good stuff, jump down 2 paragraphs.

When Lullabot came to Australia last year to do training in Melbourne, we had a good smattering of corporate attendance. On one table we had a developer from the ABC, THE public broadcaster in Australia, sitting next to a developer from Fairfax, which controls much of the corporate media here. It was quite exciting to consider that the biggest media organizations were exploring Drupal internally.

Today Leigh Morresi alerted me to the technology website of SMH - sure enough it's running Drupal 6! This is a really good sign, and goes along with a general increase in Drupal noise in more than a few sectors down-under.

So, you're wanting to import some MYOB tab-delimited files into your MySQL database, possibly to mess around with on your drupal site? Give this a try.

The most decadent way to indulge your nerd parts!

Want to convert a date (string) to a timestamp in Excel or Numbers? Here's how.

We wanted to display MYOB Account Edge data in our support site on the corresponding company page. Ideally you'd like to get the database, but there are no stable database driver options for Account Edge.

I found some examples on the US MYOB site which got me started with both the MYOB script library as well as AppleScript (crap, I'd prefer VBA over this, but it works).

It's been pretty hectic the last couple of months, but definitely in a good way! And finally we've got a blog site to tell you all about it in a rapture inducing spray of text.