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I'm really stoked to announce Em Space's new Drupal training services in Australia. The developer course is priced and ready to go.

(Australia you say? Even if you are not Australian, are you a Drupal celebrity who'd like to visit us? Even if you are the Rob Schneider of Drupal celebrities... I'm looking for good-natured Drupal folk who want to come on a working holiday.)

So anyway, what was I saying about our training ...

Stev Fioretti of Comic Characters is a clown. A very good one. I booked him for my son's Mr Men party, and he had the kids mesmerised. I don't know what Roger Hargreaves would have thought of his rather naughty character Mr Poopy Pants, but the kids thought he was hysterical.

Over the years, Stev has built up one of the best known clown agency's in Melbourne, with no thanks to his website. His fun branding, his canny print advertising and the quality of his service was making Stev successful.

Em Space, in conjunction with the Beaumaris Bendigo Bank, has soft-launched the Beaumaris Community.

We're really pleased with the result. A great example of a news-driven listings site, we think the Bank got it right by emphasising great content, building loyalty, and providing advertising opportunities, in that order.

Bendigo Bank has a commitment to community that goes beyond their advertising. Em Space learnt this when we took on the Beaumaris Community site, which is funded by the Beaumaris branch of the Bendigo Bank.


A joint project of Swinburne and Queensland Universities, the simplicity of the design of CCI belies a complex web of content linked by authors, subjects, universities, tags and so on - which is exactly how it should be!

User-friendly and accessible, this website is now a great research tool for both the students who use it, and the academics who contribute to it.

This article explains how to get your website secured with a signed certificate on a Ubuntu server running nginx. I got this thing working by following this Slicehost forums article which is for self-signed certificates and which outlines a number of technical workarounds you need to do for nginx.

Publicity Works have been around, if you know what I mean. In the young and perky world of design and marketing, Publicity Works is the mature and knowing diva - beautiful, worldly and very very good at what she does.

When Em Space joined up with Pub Works in 2006, we gained a whole wealth of wisdom, as well as some excellent new friends.

We've experimented a little, but here is how it works for us now - Pub Works takes their clients through the specification process, signing off on the visual design and the functional requirements.

CSR uses a Drupal content management system

CSR make sugar, but increasingly in our environmentally conscious world, a greater part of their contribution is CSR's bio-fuel ethanol.

A new age, a new look, so CSR designed this new site with Publicity Works and John Saward of Studio Also made the back end sing.

Em Space provides Drupal services for the site - hosting, support and training for the CSR team.

Epipen logo

The EpiPen is a world acclaimed adrenalin auto-injector used to treat life threatening allergies in only a few moments. Alphapharm, the Australian distributor of the EpiPen, run their EpiClub program as a complimentary service for EpiPen users.

The website allows EpiPen users to register their EpiPens and receive a reminder of its impending expiry date via email, mail or sms notification.

In 2008, Lonely Planet embarked on a major project to replace its internal content management system.

SDA is the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association, which is the union that covers most of the retail sector. is the Victorian branch. This is a content website that still stays tight within the design provided by Publicity Works.