A Meander Through Design with Comic Characters

Stev Fioretti of Comic Characters is a clown. A very good one. I booked him for my son's Mr Men party, and he had the kids mesmerised. I don't know what Roger Hargreaves would have thought of his rather naughty character Mr Poopy Pants, but the kids thought he was hysterical.

Over the years, Stev has built up one of the best known clown agency's in Melbourne, with no thanks to his website. His fun branding, his canny print advertising and the quality of his service was making Stev successful.

His website, if you could find it, was static and outdated - a glorified business card. Add to this the urgency that his current web dude was getting out of the game and his search rank was tanking.

An ideas man, Stev didn't want to be locked into a format, or a design, or even keeping his current branding straight away, so we embarked on an adventurous design process that went started with Moulin Rouge, took us through Vienna, pit stops in Chair Land and a drop in on Toulouse Lautrec, our design journey eventually led us back to the original brand.

Far from being a waste of time, through this we refined exactly what was working for Stev and what was not.

The finished site has extended and polished Stev's successful branding, as well as given Stev the artistic freedom of a Drupal Content Management System (CMS) to play with.

With the opportunity to choose a feature photo and write feature articles, as well as update and change the myriad of characters that he and his team create, Stev has the kind of forum that a smart funny guy can really fly with.

We wish him well and hope to see Mr Poopy Pants swing by real soon!

Comic Characters Website