Drupal training in Australia

I'm really stoked to announce Em Space's new Drupal training services in Australia. The developer course is priced and ready to go.

(Australia you say? Even if you are not Australian, are you a Drupal celebrity who'd like to visit us? Even if you are the Rob Schneider of Drupal celebrities... I'm looking for good-natured Drupal folk who want to come on a working holiday.)

So anyway, what was I saying about our training ...

We've been planning this for ages, but the big factor was moving Em Space from the outer suburbs of Melbourne right into the very heart of the city. We are about 30 meters from the training center and its splendid Mac labs.

Our focus for developer training will be on getting broad practical exposure to the common APIs. We'll be doing through goal based learning with a mini project (not the only example of how we've borrowed from Lullabot). We'll also be doing Designer training eventually, but we've decided to focus on one type to start with. Our fixed format sessions will cater for 4 to 14 students.


Our long term goal is to provide customized training to corporations, from content writing to bug-fixing. This is going to be crucial for enterprise Drupal uptake in Australia. We will travel to any part of the country, and New Zealand, to deliver custom corporate training, just try us! We will provide our own server, so that students can connect wirelessly using their weapon of choice. (This will mean we're free to travel around too, and not limited by the training venue.)

I don't mind jumping in the deep end, but I'm happy to say we're not totally new to this. I've been a trainer for a while - I used to train pharmaceutical salespeople how to use sales call tracking software (thankfully that's behind me). In the Drupal realm we've delivered custom training to a few organizations and individuals, including Lonely Planet. We also facilitated Lullabot coming to Australia last year.

There are currently two course you can choose from. Both 4 days - one is in April and one in June. But what do you want to do? If you haven't already, please drop us a line (attention to Lisa). Hope to see you at the CAE!