Drupal Camp 09

DATELINE: 10:30 16:05:09 Melbourne, Australia, The World. The air is redolent with the scent of warming brain cells, zinging silently as they carve out new paths inside some of the finest Drupal brains in the country...

Yes, the speakers were excellent, yes, the food was good, yes, the afternoon sessions were overflowing with ideas and enthusiasm for all things Drupal; but it was also just really nice to hang out. As much as we love our IRC, real time talk interfacing has a lot to say for it.

Thanks to everyone who came along, thanks especially to Donna from Creative Contingencies whose professional management of the event made everything flow so well, to the sponsor Em Space, and to Lynne from the Flinders Lane CAE who really is a gem of the first water. We love youse all!!

Image: John Carney of Lonely Planet