Drupal à la carte

Em Space can now be booked to come to your office anywhere in Australia and train your team in Drupal. We provide the following equipment:

  • A server that provides the training/development environment
  • Ad hoc wireless/wired network
  • Optionally, setting up your website on the server
  • Projector
  • (For up to 2 trainees without laptops,) netbooks pre-configured with the tools you'll need to learn Drupal development
  • One complimentary Drupal book for every trainee

Bringing Drupal to everyone
A few months ago, Em Space started some formal training courses in Drupal. Unfortunately, the ingredients were not quite right. While the venue had a great friendly feel, there just wasn't enough flexibility. Also, we were trying to formulate our courses too tightly and the demand wasn't aligning very well with this.

We've still been training in the corporate space. The client tells us in advance what they want to learn, we charge by the day, and the rest is simply a case of seat-of-pants curriculum (which I happen to love).

I still wanted to do better. As any Drupal developer can tell you, there is demand for Drupal training in Australia from all sorts of people, not just large development houses. So with this in mind, I've set up Em Space Mobile Drupal Training to provide flexible, expert, on demand training options.

The hurdles
There are a variety of problems that I'm trying to overcome. Some are not applicable to the typical training organization, especially in the closed-source software space. This is really about bringing Drupal to the people - seizing on random opportunities.

No internet/intranet access

Many companies have a strict policy about who can connect to their network. Going onto these premises, I need to be able to set up a self-contained server/wifi environment that trainees can connect to. Internet is absolutely preferred of course, and is often still available even if the training environment isn't online.

I am setting up a Mac Mini for this purpose. This will be a modest training server providing FTP access and a wifi network that trainees can connect to.


Fitting everything into overhead storage on a plane is important. But I also want to use one of our office rooms as a training lab - without preventing it from being used for other purposes (like Drupal User Group meetings). I'm very happy to find that everything I need can fit into a carry-on bag (pictured) and the netbooks running Ubuntu connect to external monitors very well.

Laptop not required

We often learn that trainees are not able to bring a laptop - or they can borrow one but then we spend time helping them set up some basic tools like an FTP client or text editor.

The netbooks are Acer Aspire 8.9". They are running Ubuntu Netbook Remix which is very impressively stable and totally suitable for training Drupal.

Once this training service is running smoothly, I expect to increase the number of netbooks to 4 or 6, this will enable me to run full classes, spontaneously, in obscure locations (like meet-ups and Drupalcon BOFs).

Training enquiries
Please contact Em Space if you are interested in booking a training session for your team. For individuals, we will be announcing new classes after Drupalcon (from about mid-September).