Come join us and learn Drupal with the Lullabots

Lullabot is conducting a Drupal Fundamentals workshop, on-line, at the wonderfully Oz-friendly time of 11am EST Monday morning, starting this Monday 12th October. Why not share the experience at Em Space?

You don't need any previous experience with Drupal to have a go at this one. This is a great opportunity for all sorts of people - graphic designers who want to better their web offering, companies who have a Drupal site and want to train some employees, people who have a great idea for a site and want some help getting it set up, DIY biz owners, etc etc.

You can do the training online from home or work, and if the time doesn't suit, you can download the lessons later.

We at Em Space are greatly excited by any global viewing event, let alone one with the rockstars of Drupal. This is bigger than Rio to us (we're working on the theme tune). We love the idea so much that we're opening up our training facilities for the sessions. We'll have the 'Bots on a projector, wifi, real coffee, and some snacks maybs? All above our Melbourne CBD Cafe strip locale.

Of course, the big advantage is sharing with your Drupal peeps. Plus, there are always a few Em Spacers floating around next door to clear up your major confusions.

We even have a few netbooks if you aren't portable. Too good! (Let us know in advance though.)

Book now!

There's no fee from us but please chuck us a courtesy email letting us know you are coming so we know how many to set up the room for.

See you there!