Carbon Down retrospective

Earlier this year, Em Space implemented Drupal for the Beta version of the Compass website for the Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI).

This is a brief wrap-up of the site (not a lengthy case-study), plus some feedback about the positive role that Lullabot played in the project.

From the about page:

Compass brings together the latest carbon reduction solutions from a variety of providers, all focused on the needs of small business. You can post questions to the Compass business community (in Feb 2010), rate and review the available solutions or provide a new one. By rating solutions you can help ensure that Compass stays valuable and relevant to small businesses.

The content speaks for itself. Are you looking for a Carbon Footprint Calculator? Or perhaps you're trying to negotiate Carbon Offset policy and regulation?.


We knew from the outset that our work would be reviewed by a third party. This was a little daunting. Drupal is a rapidly changing tool, "best practices" change rapidly and have different adoption rates across Drupal shops. However VECCI's choice of Lullabot to review the project gave us a lot of confidence that we would get a fair review - and accordingly we agreed to implement all of the changes that Lullabot might recommend.

We are very grateful to VECCI and the goodly bots at Lullabot for permission to publish this review. You can read the full review on our brochure-ware site.

We thoroughly recommend to any project manager: budget for a best practice review when planning a new Drupal site.