Blogging and rebranding

It's been pretty hectic the last couple of months, but definitely in a good way! And finally we've got a blog site to tell you all about it in a rapture inducing spray of text.

New Location

Em Space recently moved to a new office at 289 Flinders Lane, in the heart of Melbourne (Australia). We quite like the new surrounds with the abundance of cafes and other retail niceness, and so far we've hosted two Melbourne Drupal meetups with the goal of hosting a lot more.

New Branding

We have a new logo and style guide. This will be filtering through our sites and promo material. The design is by Michael Bojkowski at Boico a good friend and fantastic designer based in London.

New Blog

Em Space will rock your blogosphere! Our blog homepage also presents feeds from our different baby sites but none of it remotely Drupal related!

New Hosting

We finally bit the bullet and migrated all of our hosted sites from cPanel servers to our own coven of VPS "slices" at the wonderful Slicehost. Slicehost provide an awesome system for deployment of servers and if they don't have an API for something, they soon do. Little things like, inter-server IPs and freeband width have made us happy campers. We still use Australian-based hosting when the client requires it, of course.

New staff

Em Space have grown to about 8 people in the space of a short time, and they're all pretty much crazy! But more of that later. For Planet Drupal readers, I'll be flagging particularly good Drupal content to the Planet from time to time. I'm sure there's a good article in how to write an Astrology module...

and Acquia ready

Acquia Drupal has proven to be an awesome basis for new sites, even if we don't end up connecting the client to the Acquia network. The interesting bit is where the client engages Em Space along with Acquia support - a situation we already have - and how the separation of support systems might work. I'm looking forward to Drupalcon DC and debriefing with Acquia folk in March.