Australian Policy Online Live

Described as the Mothership of all Australian policy information, Australian Policy Online came to us from our success with the creative economy policy site CCI.

There are currently 6,000 policy and research papers in the APO database, and the new architecture bringing them into ten categories and 100 sub-categories, making it a whole lot easier to drill down to your areas of interest.

The classifieds section has been expanded to include submissions (calls for papers, journal articles or inquiries), courses (undergraduate, post graduate, short courses etc) and Books, and all classifieds can now easily be paid for online.

And loads more to come. We'll be rolling out many more cool features over the coming weeks during this soft launch period.
And the classy design? Provided by Reactive, its clean, distinctive look enhances the mountains of content being driven through the site by the editorial team Amanda Lawrence, Peter Browne and Penelope Aitken at Swinburne University.